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DuBChiri2により編集済み: 8/9/2020 9:26:26 AM

Burning maul could use some improvements in pvp.

First and foremost that light attack needs to be made better. It's slow lunge and damage output gives players the ability to jump out of it while its hurting them and they will survive. Not sure why it's a multihit the way it is but it really hurts its capabilities in pvp to the point where it's actually worthless to use it. It also burns a ton of energy for basically nothing and it can't be used to gap close because it consumes too much energy and isn't very fast. The slams nerf to give it damage fall off was justified as it killed people way too easily in the air before, but after some research I found that burning maul doesnt exactly do it's full damage on the projectile but rather in 2 hits. It does about 200 + 18 damage from the bits of footage I looked over and although this does add up to about 218 damage, there being a secondary hitbox that deals damage can cause problems in pvp, even though one number is far greater than the other. What can happen because of this, is that latency can register the big explosion for 200 damage, but it may not register the extra 18 damage, so in modes like iron banner where light level makes a difference, that low base damage can lead to failure to kill in one hit if the secondary hit does not register. This, although to a lesser extent than other aoes like this, can cause issues for the super in every mode especially now that it has damage fall off. So its numbers can vary from 200+18 to 200 or with fall off 180+7 etc (I don't know if the secondary hit experiences damage fall off, I'm going to assume so). So what I would like them to do, is just move all of the damage to the aoe itself so it does about 218 damage by itself, or 220 because it looks nicer. This will give it a little more consistency while eliminating a big problem. Specifics: Reduce the light attack energy cost from 3% to 2%. Increase light attack lunge distance. Increase light attack damage from 80 damage per tick to 100. Change burning maul from 200+18 damage to a flat 220 (likely 2 hitboxes on the aoe that can cause problems). This should help it out a bit with gap closing as well as making it more consistent across the board. With its general lack of mobility, on certain maps with tons of walls or a lot of space it just can't keep up and with maps with high ceilings the projectile tends to fail to register quite often due to the lag. I don't want to eliminate what its weaknesses are, but as it is, it doesn't provide enough consistency to be a powerful super in pvp and when you can just use bottom tree striker, hammer of sol, or sentinel to clap the ends up being more of a meme than good. This isn't to say it's not good though, on small maps and maps with low ceilings you are gonna die to it, but that's a minority of maps we have. We have so many maps with high-ish ceilings and a bunch of things to jump on or around to help you avoid it. It's not a pvp super, but that doesn't mean it can't be made good in it. Edit: After observing some older footage of burning maul, the aoe does 200+18 damage, meaning it hits twice for about 218 damage. If this is the case, I would like if bungie changed it to just a 220 aoe damage (which is only 2 damage more anyways) to give it consistency (hammer of sol had all of its damage except for like 1 damage put into aoe over about a 60/40 split) as having 2 damage hitboxes can mean reduced consistency in online modes and especially in iron banner if the second hitbox does not register (it's why dawnblade fails a lot, it's why black talon fails a lot, it's why sunbreaker previously failed so often). So I'm going to adjust my post accordingly.



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