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Slayer of Fearにより編集済み: 8/9/2020 7:38:59 PM

Alone, pt. 1

[spoiler]Currently, Jack in these stories is not at the point he is in the RPs I do in others' stories.[/spoiler] Jack leaves his fighter and leaps onto the shifting sands of an intensely dehydrated planet. His exosuit flares to life, his hazard protection cooling him. He scans his area. ///Anomaly Detected/// [i]Where are those Sentinels? They are supposed to be swarming this site![/i] ///Extreme Sentinel Activity Detected!/// Jack looks around, seeing nothing but sand, rocks, and plants. He fires at a rock. No response. He slowly walks towards the center of the anomaly. Gravity slowly distorts, and he is left floating. He grabs the ground and shoves himself closer. The hill in front of him eventually becomes an obstacle. He scrabbles up the side. A melody of friendship meets him, a familiar tune sing by only one thing. The Living Ship twitches in recognition, and almost screams for help. As he rises over the hill, gravity triples past normal, gradually growing in strength. He sees the scorch marks of Sentinel weaponry on the hull, slowly disappearing as the ship heals itself. He rests a hand on it. It was begging for food, the energy to leave the ground. Then they struck. Sentinel bipedal walkers unfolded themselves from the sand, their drones buzzing around them. "Shoot." Jack grumbles. He teleports into the ship and shunts oxygen through the organs. The Living Ship shoves itself off the ground and accelerates past the bipeds.



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