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Glasgowにより編集済み: 8/8/2020 5:26:41 AM

Problem with eververse item refunds

I have an issue with refunding eververse items, i bought an item cause i thought the ornaments would look nice with the shader im using. But theirs no way to look at how shaders would look on it without actually owning the item. This is where my issue starts, so i just say f*** it and buy the item and i have to open it if i want to look at it with shaders, and then the item looks like sh** and im overall regretting the purchase, i know i can refund eververse items when they are unopened, but the problem is that its well, opened. I want to know if theirs anyway i could possibly get a refund on these items despite already being opened. I don't care for a full money refund, I hope to at least be able to get my silver back. I would've never had this issue if i could've just been able to see what ornaments look like with shaders just through the store page, or collections or something.



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