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7/30/2020 12:31:22 PM

More features to add when you join Game Pass!!!!

Bungie, I'd love to see you guys push for more "partnerships" just like what you've done with Doritos in the past and what you do with Twitch now. Since you're being added to game pass and allowing all subscribers to get all these pre-BL DLCs, I was thinking maybe there's a little more you could do for us people that are already game pass subs or current/future game pass ultimate subs. And obviously all free DLC is just unreasonable so I thought of a couple ideas that could be awesome but doesn't hurt your income So my first little idea is that maybe you allow all GP subs or maybe even just GP ultimate subs to get the season passes included with their subscription. My other little idea is that you could add perks just like the twitch prime rewards (even the exact same if you want) for GP Ultimate subs. I was just looking at my GP app and noticed none of the perks I get for games are for games I ever play so I think it'd be real cool if you could strike something up with the Xbox team to add something like that.



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