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DuBChiri2により編集済み: 7/28/2020 5:57:49 PM

What if rally barricade had guerrilla fighter?

Tl;dr: Give rally barricade guerrilla fighter, which should be a +10 boost to handling and stability/accuracy (it says accuracy on the actual perk) as well as 10% damage resistance (if it proves to be an issue, turn off the dr in pvp) when you use this ability as cover (not just standing behind it, you can peek over rally barricade while crouched by holding the aim button, upon release you will retreat back behind it). Long stuff: Guerrilla fighter is a perk from d1 where if you peaked over an object that could act as cover you'd get a pretty substantial bonus to the control of your weapons as well as a small amount of damage resistance. Due to destiny 1 not having any sort of deployable cover or...any real cover where this was usable to begin with, it was pretty much worthless. But in destiny 2, that is quite a bit different at least for titans with their rally barricade. Rally barricade is the smaller barrier titans can throw up that grants them reload speed and it was designed to be used as cover that you can retreat behind by releasing your aim button if you crouch behind it. This makes it perfect for guerrilla fighter. So what exactly does guerrilla fighter do and how does it benefit the ability as a whole? Guerrilla fighter in destiny 1, granted about a 10-15 boost to stability, handling as well as damage resistance only when you were crouched when holding your aim button behind suitable cover. For rally barricade, this would mean safer delivery of damage as well as making it more consistent to deliver said damage which is honestly part of why it's not so useful. It doesn't provide enough cover to protect you from much due to its height and when you are firing over it the ai aim for your upper torso anyways. With guerrilla fighter, you could at least sustain a longer period of damage while under fire. In pvp, this particular barricade isn't quite so useful either. It's so small that a slight level of elevation on the enemies side gives them the ability to shoot you in the head when you are crouched behind it. It also doesn't benefit you a whole lot to shoot from behind it either because enemies only aim for your head anyways. With a 10% damage resistance (it doesn't have to have damage resistance in pvp) the titan could at least survive a little better while under fire behind it and the stability and handling buff would give a bit more of a bonus for using it while firing. As it stands in pvp it's a waste of an ability to use, not unusable but still. As for the reload speed buff which is already part of rally barricade...maybe decrease it a bit if guerrilla fighter were added to this ability to balance it out a bit. They don't have to do that but I'm not against it. One final thing I'd like to suggest for rally barricade while we are on the topic, increase the height in the center to match the side parts. For whatever reason, the mid section is lower than the left and right section which still is small enough to act as peekable cover. It might not look as good, but it's always bothered me that the side panels were better cover than the middle.



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