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7/25/2020 7:22:40 PM

Increase the drops rates of the black armory shaders, like you did with dreaming City cosmetics and EP/raid weapons. Grinding for them is just the most soul crushing experience besides getting solo Reckoner.

Finished a 7 hour forges grind and complete since the daily reset of 24 July, 56 Izi forges. In over 30 forges I had either the bow or the pulse rifle frame and an Ada-1 armor consumable. I still didn't receive the Satou Tribe Shader, SadFace. Besides that I did just before weekly reset aroun 21 forges, also without luck and now I have to wait again until Tuesday. I just plain stupid that if you completed the hardest part of the seal (flawless SOTP), you need to pray to RNGesus so hard that he might bless you with the RNG you need in order to get that shader dropped. So Bungie please increase the drop rates for each successful forge. The fact that you only can get 1 frame in 3 forges runs if you did run out of your stack(s) modules report is just straight up an awful experience. Please make it a 5% chance that ramps up every time you do the (same) forge, up a 50% chance or even higher. [b]TL;DR Increase the chance for Black Armory Shaders by 5% for each successful completion of a forge.[/b] Sorry for my rubbish English, but it isn't my native tongue, I'm tired and have dyslexia. Thanks, Bungie!



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