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SumPadoru-2により編集済み: 1/8/2021 7:32:06 AM

Weeb Art (Weebless Edition) - Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls 3

// oh boy, my first drawing here that can't be associated as "Weeb-ish"! What an achievement! // [b]Soul of Cinder[/b] The final boss of Dark Souls 3's base game. He lives in an Oven which is only reachable once you drag all the Lords of Cinder back onto their thrones. By drag I mean kill and place their ashes. Personally I haven't fought him but I hear he's either tough or "not so bad" on first phase at least. On his second phase he does a last ditch attempt of victory. And hands the controls over to Gwyn (DS1). You can tell cause not only does his Moveset apparently become Gwyn's, but the music in the background slowly becomes: [i]Plin Plin Plon[/i]~ I love that song. // [Upcoming boss wiki reaction...] After quick look up, I found out he can't be parried... not like I can anyways... I also found out that he's got a f load of movesets Str, Dex, Int, Fth sets... •_•; [i]HES GOT HEALING SPELLS?[/i] That's illegal. Oh AND he can Riposte and Parry! Oh boy! // Can't wait to get to that point in the game! -- This all started when I heard my first Dark Souls song. "Gwyn, Lord if Cinder" aka "Plin Plin Plon" (Shoutout to the Discord homies for getting that stick in my head.) This eventually became an obsession with the song and it's lore and arrived at "Soul of Cinder" (song) which I found out had Gwyns theme stuck in there for phase two. Then I decided "I'm gonna finally get Dark Souls!" Got 3 cause my friends had it and so did the some of y'all. Anyways, the cover of DS3 has the SoC on it, so i decided to draw it. And lemme just say.... I hate drawing chain mail. It's dumb. I'm using up all my patience on the actual game, I've no time for metal linked loops! I also gave up on the sword angle (it's too high up), but that's cause I didn't have a ruler and no way am I erasing again cause I'd already spent a day on the right arm. The chest tapestry (I didn't bother looking up the technical name, I forgot it long ago.) design, I didn't even bother trying cause negative space ... nope nope nope nope. Not trying that intricate of a design on a dark cloth on a hard to see 420p picture. I'm proud of the helmet though. And the whole right arm.(left side of pic) Left arm is okay too... [I was thinking of doing the background but decided firmly against it. Also cause it was past 9:30pm and I wanted to watch anime.] [b]Side note: [/b]cinders are hard to make on a graphite only drawing. [b]more Side note:[/b] Leather is worse ;~; I wanna try another Dark Souls drawing... [spoiler]Weebart is just my art that I post here. All none Weeb things will be under the (Weebless Edition) from now on[/spoiler] This was made on 7/22/20



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