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So, Dark Souls 3

I've wanted it for a while now but [b]holy curd[/b] the full game is ~$89 or something. Also never played the other games but I liked the look of this one sooooooo [i]yes[/i]. Then I saw it with a 75% discount on the PS store, bought it in a heart beat. I've had this game for a week now [i]Best purchase ever![/i] I've grinded this game constantly now, and I've set a lofty goal to 100% the game. Also I can't parry for sh@t as I've learned, but I can use Homeward Bones like a pro. [spoiler]and of course I picked Knight as my class, why wouldn't I? Not only am I a beginner, I can crucify the Lords of Cinder back onto their thrones! Also I can't find a fitting replacement for my Irithyll Straight Sword yet. It's just so good with frostbite.[/spoiler] Lemme tell ya about Pontiff Sulyvahn... I had to call up a friend and Anri of Astora and then proceeded to sic 'em on him. So that was neat. Then I ceremoniously stab Anri cause I want [i]that[/i] ending... and the Elite Knight armor. Next thing I'm doing is either fighting the [b]Dancer of the Boreal Booty[/b], or [b]Aldrich, Devourer of Patience. [/b] [spoiler]and Devourer of Femboys. Imagine my surprise when I learned about Gwyndolin'sbackstory and the fact that he was fed to Aldrich after Pontiff became Pontiff Gotta love Souls lore.[/spoiler] Probably fight goop boi since he's a Lord if Cinder -- Why am I posting this? I'm bored here, sorry. [i]Also[/i], 'cause I'm almost done drawing something so... I'll get to that... [i]tomorrow??[/i] [spoiler]drawing hint: Plin Plin Plon 2: the fiery boogaloo [/spoiler]
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