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7/12/2020 10:15:41 AM

Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Nina Tucker/Alexander from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

"[i]Can we play, now?[/i]" -- Here's a quickie. I did this early spring this year for a small family drawing contest during a party between me, my sister, and my grandpa's caretaker who watched at least HunterXHunter. I made the theme Full Metal Alchemist cause why not, also it's my specialty, also none of them have watched it which sucks, and so I dished this out in ~15 minutes or less. Even though they won't feel the emotional impact... [b]I'm not sorry.[/b] I've drawn Nina many many times. On whiteboards, in homework, at home. I'm a master at Nina face. But I must say, this is my best version, because it shows some of the body and not just the head. Also cause the hair looks amazing imo, and the shading is decent This was before I discovered the blender too. [spoiler]i might actually do my tools next time for reals, cause the current drawing I'm doing is getting completed one extremity a day apparently...[/spoiler] This was made on a date lost to time... ;-;



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