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Weebart - Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

// (It was going to happen someday. Just don't downvote solely cause "SAO bad" Remember: [b]This isn't about SAO, it's about ME![/b]) // [b]Kirito[/b] Just bend over and call him "Jesus-kun" cause not even near the end of the FIRST season, this guy uses the power of will and friendship to completely [i]reject reality and substitute his own![/i] In the second part of Season 1, he is literally an [i]angry nerd with admin privileges![/i] HE PHYSICALLY SCARS A GUY THROUGH VR [b]BY TURNING UP SENSITIVITY!!![/b] The next Arc, he tries out being a Trap... in a gun game too... ima gloss over that Next Arc is about characters they try make us care for, dealing with real life things... in a Shounen anime. [i]It's so deep it loops right back around to being stupid.[/i] After that we get a movie! Now, [i]you don't need to wonder where your God is. Cause he's right here![/i] ... they gave him an OP sword and promoted him to God-kun for getting exercise and "beating" a fictional monster in a park. After THAT, he's hospitalized, "isekai'd", and plays [i]Slay the Spire[/i]. But hey! Good news! (Spoilers if you care) [spoiler]In [i]War of the Underworld[/i], he becomes a [b]Veggie-to-ble[/b], giving side characters [b]actual screen time! [/b] Good job Kirito![/spoiler] [yes I riddled that section with quotes from SAOAbridged] -- So I had this finished for quite a while, but it was for a non competitive competition so I was just waiting for someone to post their side of their art. [i]Beside the point.[/i] The original finished product (before I refined the finish) had plain shading, the shirt was... meh, and the hair was a solid grey and black shading.according to the reference picture. (Look up kirito sipping tea) not to mention my background wasn't really finished. -I didn't like it.- So, I added another lighter set of shading to the face. The shirt, I had to look that up and found out that it was basically a jacket... The hair. The original hair shiny was garbo ngl, so I decided to take it into my own hands and just erased the right side of each strand by a bit. After some experimentation, I had finally gotten a handle of the method and soon, Kirito had some silky bangs. The background actually looks better once I added detail to the logs, thiccness to the frames, and something outside by literally rubbing the blender everywhere in circles... I realize the head is a bit smaller, but honestly? It's kirito so I don't give a Femb[i]o[/i]yHOOTers about his body proportions. G'day [spoiler]dunno what next... maybe my supplies this time? I skipped a day for a reason... Cause I had nothing, didn't draw nothing, and basically forgot to do something...[/spoiler] This was made on 7/10/20



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