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Weebart - Post-Third Impact from End of Evangelion

Kimochi Warui... (Oh right, this isn't a doodle so I've actually gotta say more than a phrase...) So since this isn't really a character, it's a place... So it really is different from the other pictures. The sea is supposed to be the redish orangish collection of all living things in Earth cause literally God in the shape of two albinos went and turned off whatever was keeping us in physical form. That's a soul ocean. It's peaceful... The T-posing brings asserting dominance in the water are unlikeable biches that technically killed the girl sitting on the left while the guy in the right did all of... this... That's Shinji btw... guy in the chair?... guy with the mug?... Yep The girl, Asuka, was the one in the giant red robot. One that got speared in the face. Yep Good times. -- So I knew what I was going to draw, but had to find the right picture. There are just those days. Good news: I found the perfect picture. Bad news: it was in high quality pixel art... Yep. Pixels... FUN [spoiler]Here if ya wanna make it a desktop background this is it.[/spoiler] So. In order to capture the essence of this drawing... [b]I looped 1 hour of the LCL ocean as heard in the movie[/b] I've listened to the collective consciousness of all living things on Earth, SLOSHING TOGETHER, FOR OVER 24 HOURS! It was calming. What wasn't calming was the "C foam" (I used C instead of sea cause L[b]C[/b]L... get it?) Ya know how hard it is, to make a white, wave like structure, on a white piece of paper? It's hard. Especially when the thinnest eraser, is double the size you actually need to make the foam!!! First off, I drew the horizon. Easy. Then I drew the outlines for the rocks, pole, shore (a bit), and mountains. (Plus the eventual shading) Simple. Then I drew the two T-posing Eva units I started with the small one on the right, it's left hand (our right) is a bit iffy but whatever. Bam, made the shadow, done. Then the left. It was also easier, but since it was bigger meant I had to pay more attention to detail. May I remind you my reference picture was pixel art? Anyways, I didn't add Rei cause ... she was standing in the water so SCREW THAT! If there's any Rei-tards out there that want me to add her in, I'll be happy to when I've got the time and patience. Anyways, then I did the shading, then the clouds in the back. Also the moon and blood slash. Eaaasy Then the slow and grueling process of making the sea foam on the left and the rocks on the right. I'll simplify with "I used a whole day to shade and draw those." Finally the night sky and touch ups! And that's it. [spoiler][u]Next Series Hint:[/u] Now it's late night and I'm still writing this. I'm at the end of my art rope so I might do a show of my tools. To give me time to draw more.[/spoiler] This was made on 7/8/20



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