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7/8/2020 8:28:58 AM

Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist(:Brotherhood)

[i]"It's a terrible day for rain."[/i] *coffin dance intensifies* -- So, this was another drawing pain right after the Jojo pictures. My drawing space, [i]Was a 3x3 inch square[/i]! I had to [i]erase[/i] some of Shinji's spotlight, to fit this guy! I had to [i]micro analyze[/i] the FUNERAL, in order to complete and guesstimate his HAT, at that certain angle! (That bit was not fun...) But I did it in a night. [i]I skipped dessert for this.[/i] I think gonna do the actual funeral on a big page. Or at least phone booth... not next post, but soon... [spoiler]Next Series Hint: [i]I know I know I let you down I've been a fool to myself I thought that I could live for no one else But now through all the hurt and pain It's time for me to respect The ones you love mean more than anything[/i] ( ;) y'all know it. I know you do. You do don't ya?) -- This next one may be late, cause I'm currently working on it now, and it's a big picture, and it's a big pain in the arse, but quality is key. So I might actually post another old doodle I've got if that's the case... [/spoiler] This was made on 7/6/20 // side announcement // Re:Zero S2 starting tomorrow at 4:30am for me! :D who needs sleep? [spoiler]i do, actually. I spend long nights drawing, reading, or watching/gaming... mostly the first two nowadays (but not for long)[/spoiler] [i]"I've been looking forward to this."[/i] // enjoy your day/night! // [spoiler]and if you haven't, check out the rest of the art on the Weebart tag. I always tag my stuff.... <_< "Use my [tag], I beg you"[/spoiler]



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