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Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Aqua from KonoSuba

[quote]"[i]The world outside this cage is scary. Inside this cage is my sanctuary.[/i]"[/quote] - life during Covid-19 -- (Yeah another one. I've piled a good amount) This is where the theme of "sad people" began on my doodle paper. (You'll see much more tearin, trust me.) (Also there's nothing wrong with me I swear) Why'd I choose Usel- Aqua? Cause Memes. Anyways! What sucked with this drawing was the fact that the picture was very cropped so I had to take other pictures to get the top of her hair and below the neck. Actually, I totally forgot what she wore so the other pictures helped show me wtf was what. I didn't even try touch up the bangs. Just ran the blender in rough (didn't put lead to blend, just used the outlines.) and left it like that. Giving that feel of light blueish had it been color Funny enough, the neck scrunchy thing, the thing that I couldn't identify before looking up another picture, actually turned out pretty good and probably the best part on the picture... I also angled her eyes (actually the whole picture) down towards Shinji who's in the center... center bottom... If you look closely at the top you might see the beginning of the word "useless" (I penciled too hard and erased to little...) Oh yeah, this was drawn above Petelguese, which should explain the white shapes on both drawings. [spoiler][u]Next Series Hint:[/u] 016 'cause Trigger! [/spoiler] This was made 6/3/20



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