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Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Iroh from Avatar

[i][b]"It's time for you to look inward, and begin asking yourself the big questions." [/b][/i] [i]Am I an alt. account?[/i] (.-. ) -- This wasn't so hard actually. It's just that the scaling was a pain, since the space in the doodle page has begun shrinking... It was nice drawing this though. I do love Avatar and Iroh is my favorite character. After drawing him out and shading him in, I felt the picture was a tad empty. So I added leaves. The left one is my favorite. I'm happy with how this turned out... and how this section is shorter than usual. Tbf, this took an hour and a half at the latest. [spoiler][u]Next Series Hint:[/u] I'm just gonna say, I did another Jojo. Same part and episode too... But that's it [/spoiler] This was made on 7/1/20



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