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Weebart - Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord

[b]Ainz Ooal Gown[/b] As you can see, he is a very boney boy. But he wasn't always a spooky scary skeleton. He used to be a human! And a gamer at that! Previously known as [i]Xxx420m0ngoosedaddy69xxX[/i] [spoiler]that's a lie, it was Momonga or something weird.[/spoiler] Ainz was a member of a 40 (41) person clan of xenophobes. Actually they just hated non-monster players... Whatever. Lots of hateful, powerful, monsters banded together. Plz nerf. Unfortunately his favorite VRMMORPGLMAOWTFTL;DR/LAN game was dying out faster than the D2 hype at launch, but he stayed until the very end. Like, the timer hit zero as he sat looking at the empty clan hall. Then he and his clan base, were [i]Log Horizon[/i]'d. Yep. [i][b]TL;DR - Overlord is basically solo Log Horizon with different geography.[/b][/i] Thankfully he's not completely alone cause the NPCs that came with the clan base also hitched a ride. We got: [i]a virgin yandere succubus, a vampire l[b]o[/b]li that pads, a devil that's literally too perceptive he's fooled into making plans for the MC, gender bent twins(don't ask), a Hercules Beetle who's very frosty, a Na[b]z[/b]i doppelgänger, a flying fetus(really, don't ask), 9 maids each with their own... kink?, and the old butler who seems most human of them all. Did I forget anyone? WHO CARES! They're all fake and you know it![/i] Now, to find his other clan mates, he changes his name to the clan's name and plans to advertise it across the world in hopes to catch someone's attention. How? World domination, why not? [i]Come back next time to see them spy on two mating bipedal lizards![/i] -- // Finally, not a doodle! I missed the big canvas! // I hate bones. The ribs were bad enough. The hands? Normal hands are already hard. I HAD TO REDO THE WHOLE RIGHT (our left) HAND CAUSE I DREW ONE BIT TOO BIG! And those fingers... DANG! They were... nauseating to draw. Like, I barely knew what I was doing. I just about made it look like they were bones instead of just drawing curved talons and drawing lines in them. When I found out he had rings, oh boy. Bit just that, but the double rings that are connected by one gem (his right hand) was a doozy. They blended in so well... ;-; Welp, I made it work I guess? (Don't look at the necklace, I need to touch that up later...) "Applaud My Supreme Power!" [b]Anyways, I'm going to loop the Overlord OPs for the rest of the night. Laters![/b] [spoiler] [u]Next Series Hint:[/u] "Leaves from the vine..." [/spoiler] This was made on 7/1/20



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