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Sumpig-2により編集済み: 7/3/2020 8:27:34 AM

Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Midoriya from My Hero Academia

"Eat this" -- // nearing the end of the current doodles! •_•; Bout time to make some more! // So let's just start off with what I had a hard time with... The hair. Obvious ri- SIKE! [b]IT WAS THE [i]FACE[/i]![/b] You don't really realize it until you draw it, but his face is so... MICKEY MOUSE-ISH! (Don't read into that) Like, no way are cheeks supp- Oh wait, it's a cartoon kid, that makes sense. Still... I've seen better... It was a simple draw. The eyes had to be readjusted multiple times cause sizing down was a mess. The hair was actually not as hard as I thought. Just a bunch o upward strokes... [spoiler]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/spoiler] ...and the shading was easy as well. I like how the eyes and face turned out. Like there really is light illuminating from shinjis direction (as if)... I had to move their hand a bit more right than the picture shows cause, Shinji, but that's okay cause it's not noticeable. Also I placed him there so that he could point, you guessed it, at Shinji. It's really all about Shinji ain't it? I should do another Evangelion draw... [spoiler] Next Series Hint: [b]¡||¡[/b] ✝️ [i]*italian opera intensifies*[/i] 🕺🏼 [/spoiler] This was made on 6/7/20



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