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7/2/2020 7:53:16 PM

Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Rem from Re:Zero

"I love Emilia..." [i]... as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror...[/i] -- // Well sorry for making this one late. I totally forgot since I was drawing something else at the time. (Took about an hour... Discord peeps know what Im talking about :point:) // Rem, was DIFFICULT. My first reference picture didn't even have the full head! I had to look at FANART for the top of the head and the rest for the flowers! Also, you can barely find good pictures of Rem crying, UNLESS, you try go get em yourself. How? I'm pretty sure besides Subaru and whoever's watching the durn show, she cry's the most! Well, I found one, used it, I think it did pretty well. Oh yeah, I chose a left facing one cause Shinji is on the left. The hair wasn't so hard (that's a lie, it took the longest), though I feel it lacks real shading. I could go back to work on that... Meh, maybe later. The flower things on her head were a pain cause PERSPECTIVES! So I didn't really care about that much. Hair pin was simple though. That was nice. I had to cut of the date for this one cause the drawing doesn't go that far and it looks better this way. Doesn't matter really since I post the date anyways. I have a close up of one of the eyes and it really looks good, like a charcoal drawing... So the eyes are the best of the piece. The [i]peepers[/i]... ...aight. I'm never using that term again cause that brings whack memories from "Angels of Death" [i]ughhhh[/i] [spoiler] [u]Next Series Hint:[/u] Wait, _____, We Have [i][TOES][/i]! [b]Rngh! Nrgh! Rrngh! Rngh! Nghh! [/spoiler][/b] This was made on 6/5/20



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