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Weebart (Doodle Edition) - Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

[quote]"I hate myself. But, I might be able to love myself. I might be allowed to stay here. Yes. I am nothing but I. I am I. I wish to be I. I want to stay here! I can stay here!" [/quote] - Shinji before the room becomes a blue ball filled with the congratulatory cheers of everyone Shinji knows, including the penguin. -- // Bout a month or two ago I decided to draw a bunch o doodles of characters from multiple shows onto one page, starting with mah boi Shinji. (Production was slow, I was out of current ideas. And bored...) Right now the paper is ... pretty good ... and it's got this, theme going on. There's seven characters in total Everyone looks freakin sad. (Except for one bit I'll explain that next post...) /So I'll start posting em one by one in order and you may see a bit of the others but I can't help it./ My editing software is basic bich levels. I use "markup" if you're not aware and [i]FYI[/i]... it's not very subtle in hiding pencil... // Anyways, I was trying NOT to focus on quality But somehow I got to this. (That hair though...) I just, HAD to get that shading in. It just looks so much better than a solid white! The boi actually looks depressed! I did a bit of heavy erasing cause I pushed to hard with the pencil at one point... I do that a lot.... you can still see it in the shoe area [spoiler]i spent a lot of time doing nothing drawing wise But Vinland Saga is a pretty good manga! Might try the show soon too![/spoiler] [spoiler]Next Doodle Hint: "In the witches cult, I am Sin Archbishop, representing Sloth... ########## #######-#####... DES!" [/spoiler] This was made 5/20/20



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