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6/23/2020 2:04:20 AM

Weebart - Kaede from Bunny Girl Senpai

Kaede The adorable little sister of the main character that suffers from adolescent syndrome or something. Basically social media gave her PTSD. Literally... So she gets amnesia and a different personality, becomes a NEET, and spends her days in panda PJs. She also stays away from electronics. And talks in the third person... Not a bad ngl Normally she's a stereotypical teenage sister so that was a change for the better. Whenever she's on screen it's a wholesome moment and way too short. Her arc is the (saddest) best! ;-; Think of Bunny Girl Senpai as a baby Monogatari series -- I could've gotten this sooner but I wanted to do the full patting arm. Took too long, couldn't get it quite right, I decided to cut it off. I was gonna do the Melon meme next but got bored half way... I'll try work on that next. The original image cuts halfway so I had to use other images to get the body and arms down. Needless to say this one of my first times using more than one picture to sketch something out. Same pose, but I'm getting there. The hands... not sure about those but I tried. I'm proud of it though. The face may be the o OT thing out of place but looking at the hair and the clothes, I'm proud of it. Especially since the clothes were mainly guesswork. I realize that the right hand is a bit big, so I'll have to work on that... But yeah. Ta dah! Wholesome picture! Head pats for everyone! [head pats sold separately] [spoiler]im back bois! More to come soon![/spoiler] This was made on 6/21/20



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