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6/25/2020 8:10:54 AM

Possible Cross-save bug with outbreak perfected

Recently i corss-saved from xbox to PC (steam). On xbox i had all the campaign's done. But more specifically, "enemy of my enemy" quest as well as the "Rat king" quest. Now im on PC trying to do the outbreak perfected quest but the nodes are not spawning in the lost sectors. So i went back to Titan and picked up the Fallen transponder and started the quest, or so i thought. i tried the first 3 locations where the nodes SHOLD HAVE been but they did not show up. I thought that i might have to go back and play the Red War campaign again, but now im down with Titan going to move on to Nessus but i cannot do "enemy of my enemy" quest. Im pretty stumped and am not sure where to go from here. I remember seeing mithraks back on xbox but now on PC he is not showing up at the farm. If anyone has any ideas what i could do to get past this, it woould be much appreciated.



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