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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
6/11/2020 5:58:40 PM

Why I'm Quitting Destiny (A Rant)

Dear Bungie, Inc. I have played Destiny for a few years now, and I've played video games all my life. Never in my decades of life have I encountered such disrespect towards myself and other die-hard players who have sacrificed untraceable amounts of time towards your now rubbish game. As you know, the Almighty has been destroyed in a brief and efficient manner, but the Tower did not go unscathed. Unfortunately, because of debris blown astray, a chunk of the Tower by Eververse has been shattered. This area contained essential platforms such as railings. "Essential?" You might ask yourself. Allow me to explain: For almost three years now, the long-overlooked The Floor Is Lava Challenge (henceforth "TFILC") playerbase has used that area for an essential strat for completing that challenge in a quick, efficient, and flawless manner. However, in your blind ambition, you essentially destroyed all of these brilliant and wonderful strategies conjured by arguably your most passionate, dedicated, and intelligent players. We in the TFILC community are deeply saddened and disappointed in you for destroying our game, and we will not tolerate any more of this neglect from a company we put so much faith in. While our section of content was redundant and untouched since launch, we were hopeful for a shift in the meta, but not like this! The TFILC community will be moving on to different games in the future Sincerely, Chaus Cornelius P.S. I'm moving on to Roblox Phantom Forces.



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