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Destiny 2

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6/10/2020 10:11:44 AM

Destiny needs to grow, not shrink.

Hello Guardians So, I have been a fan of Destiny pretty much since the earliest concept I remember seeing. I didn't own a ps4 when the game was released, but I was able to play some of the Beta on my room mates ps4. Shortly after release i was able to finally afford a playstation, and I immediately jumped in to the game. I spent countless hours in year 1 d1. I didn't even have any regulars to play with, but I didn't care, I was obsessed. Im sure everyone here knows that the experience wasn't exactly the deepest gaming experience ever, but I didn't care. I was totally hooked. I remember getting The Last Word, my first exotic and absolutely freaking out. I remember grinding nightfalls for 2 months, just to get heart of the praxic fire, and using it almost exclusively till my last day in destiny 1. I made friends who to this day I play destiny 2 with. Whatever Destiny was, it was a truly unique gaming experience that I am incredibly thankful to have been able to be apart of. Destiny 2 Now Destiny 2 has been, a different experience. That's not to say bad, at all, but different, and I think for me, more tumultuous than Destiny ever was. While yes the story of Destiny in year 1 was lacking, I was on the hype train from beginning to end with it. No announcement, new DLC, whatever didn't hype me up in some way. With Destiny 2, maybe it's because I'm older, maybe its because I have been enveloped in this universe for 6 years, something has tempered me. Despite the game being more content rich than ever, and having improved its ingame story telling somewhat, I feel I must offer a critique as a long time fan, because I worry. I don't think I know what's best for the game, I can only tell you how myself and my clan mates feel about the game after all these years (I will be referring to Destiny 1&2 as a singular title from now on unless stated otherwise) because we want the game to be the best it can be, as does everyone here and at Bungie, I am sure. So, with that pre-amble out of the way, I will start. [b][u]Gameplay:[/u][/b] 1. A recent development, is that bungie will be sunsetting gear, after 9-13 months (I believe) of it being available. I'm sure most of you have heard of this, but for anyone unfamiliar, this will essentially mean that the gear you acquire will not be able to be infused past a certain point, that point seemingly being about a year after it was released. This has been... contentious in the community to say the least, and while I agree with some of the reasoning I have seen, I must ultimately side with camp that is against, which seems to be the majority based on polls I've seen. The main problem that I see, is that one of the primary reasons for this decision is to incentivize players to acquire new gear, however if that gear is statistically similar to old gear, its not really new at all, its a new skin, and since transmog seems to be confirmed well I have to ask... what's the point? What is the point of grinding for that new gear, when our old gear would have done just as well, and its gear that we have invested a lot of time into and forged dare I say a relationship with? A sort of middle ground if I may, would be to sunset gear that isn't really popular. If it's not popular, and sees little use I can see the argument for abandoning it. What I would prefer to see is a more in depth weapon overhaul that makes most if not all weapons viable. People will always want to grind, to find that next great combination, the next god roll, but I do not think this requires sunsetting gear. The underlying problem isn't being addressed it feels and that's that the weapon types and archetypes aren't all the same. And I'm not crazy, I recognize you can't make every weapon equally viable, but when I can run the same combination of 3 weapon types in almost every activity despite switching out the specific weapons, the problem is deeper than "people really like their guns". But as I said before, we do really like our guns, we shouldn't be forced to use something else if we don't want to (I recognize we can still use them but the fact that we will not be able to utilize them in endgame activities means they will effectively be perma-vaulted at best, any year 1 D1 player knows this). Bungie is full of smart people, I'm sure a more reasonable solution can be found that doesn't upset so much of the fan base. 2. Something that has been a sore spot for many Destiny 1 veterans is the lack of choice in regards to our subclasses. While, the Destiny 1 perk system wasnt the most robust or deep system ever, it certainly allowed for more build exploration, and personality than the current one. My personal solution to this would be to see each subclass tree expanded into a perk system. Each tree has a unique perk system, that can be customized. This would allow for experimentation, and variety that destiny has yet to see. We want to become Legend but unfortunately Destiny 2 has left many of us feeling less than exceptional. Hero moments don't exist in the same way anymore. Give us a way to feel exceptional. Retuning the weapon system would help a lot with this as well. 3. This is more personal, but for the love of god bring back Sunsinger. I don't even mean the Rez. I loved being an offensive support warlock who buffed up my allies abilities cooldown. That was a lot of fun, and seeing this subclass return in some form would genuinely make me ecstatic. A new perk system would facilitate something like this nicely, and again, lead to sub class diversity. "In that last moment, she seemed as wholly luminescent as the sun, and I wished to be so brave." 4. Its been said a million times but let us change the appearance of our characters for the love of god lol, and maybe update the character creation options. [b][u]Story:[/u][/b] Now, don't get me wrong, the delivery of Destiny's story has seen much improvement, and I applaud the Devs for continuing to work on this and try to improve. HOWEVER I still feel as the delivery of the story is... lackluster if I'm completely honest. I am a huge fan of the lore, I have both lore volumes sitting next to me as I type this, unfortunately that exceptionally written lore doesn't translate into the gameplay very well. The only way I can define this critique is by offering examples of how I would like to see it improve so 1. We are Guardians, and as weird as it sounds to say about a game, I'm proud of that title. But I'm proud because of the time I've sunk into the game, the patience I've shown getting the right gear, becoming a better player, things like that, not because anything in the game, aside from perhaps raid completions has made me feel that way intentionally. Something I would LOVE to see and I was disappointed we didn't see any of this in the base campaign of D2, was show us actually guarding. Have an adventure where we save a family of settlers from Fallen, or a Red Legion prison camp. Have a cutscene where our guardian gives their life to save a child, only to be resurrected shortly later and that same child be elated to see we are alright, and us them. Moments of humanity like this are what I feel is somewhat missing. I never worry what might happen to the city because ive never meaningfully interacted with it or the people in it. Its mostly just been a rather pretty skybox and that's it. Give us something to Guard. Something tangible that makes us want to protect. That would help a lot I think. 2. This is a weird one that I don't think I've seen anywhere else, and I realize it's a stretch but Let us choose the voice of our ghost. As much as I love the voice talents of nolan north, a variety of personal ghost voices would help them stand out I think, and make us feel a little less like just another number in this world. At least give us a choice between Male and female. And heck, let us name them. Seems like most ghosts have names. Ours should too. 3. Our characters speak but... couldn't they just a little more? Again this one's selfish, but I appreciate our characters are reflections of us, but I find myself wanting to hear my character speak up a little more often, even if it's too say something rather generic, I actually quite like that they dont say anything too wild, but just enough to show them interacting. [b][i]Random:[/i][/b] This is just some stuff that I didn't think fit in the other two categories but I feel strongly enough about it to include it 1. Bring back the Ceres Galiot ship. We know the model is in the game, just let me equip it for the love of god. I miss that thing. 2. Bring back heart of the Praxic fire in ANY capacity, please. 3. Mithrax soon pls? 4. Increase inventory and quest space just a tad. 5. New Bow and Sword Archetypes would be really cool. 6. Player Apartments. This Is really just wishful thinking on my part, but i would love a space to personalize a little, that I can show off my achievements, and reflects my character somewhat. 7. More live events please. As long as it took, seeing the almighty get destroyed was genuinely cool, although in the future a little more player involvement during the event might be cool. 8. Make Whisper a secondary. Since the perk nerf, there's just not much of a reason for it to remain in heavy. Yes, it would mean ammo is more abundant but it would also mean giving up your secondary slot, for what's mostly a boss weapon. This would free up heavy for more ad weapons like swords and MGs. 9. Keep up the good work. Genuinely, Destiny has been the best experience in my gaming career. I have made so many lifelong friends, and memories that I will always hold dear, and for this I am eternally grateful. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks, criticisms of my criticisms, additional criticisms, ideas for new (or old) content. Have a great week everyone, and thank you for reading my novel lol.



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