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4/30/2020 9:39:54 PM

Additional tuning ideas for sentinel.

I think sentinel is currently in a really solid place for both pve and pvp but there are some problems I have with each individual skill tree that I will go over as i give my suggestions. The suggestions I will place in quotes to separate them from my reasoning and then I'm also putting them in spoilers to reduce clutter. Across the board: [spoiler][quote]Fix the attack hitboxes and improve the pve damage of the second swing in the 3 hit string.[/quote] The hitboxes fail to register sometimes and so that needs to be fixed. As for the second swing in the 3 hit string its usefulness is low due to the slap and bash being both stronger and more energy efficient, plus it's faster too and so I want to incentivize using it but I'm not sure how otherwise.[/spoiler] Top tree sentinel: [spoiler][quote]1. Untie the increased melee damage, reload speed and melee energy return from the over shield granted by the charged melee and retie it directly to the timer (decrease the timer from 16 seconds to 10).[/quote] For those that dont know, when the overshield is active you get those 3 bonuses I specified above currently, however, once the shield is gone you lose those bonuses completely and in most cases except for after an immediate kill, it's a bonus that does not last because you are likely still in combat. This change will allow the titan to more securely kill ads in pve while also giving the titan a more viable passive bonus when the shield is gone (which is inevitable). But I suggested to decrease the timer because those 3 bonuses can be very strong together and I want to balance it out a bit to avoid complications in crucible. [quote]2. Slightly increase the range at which melee kills heal allies.[/quote] This ability is very strong as it affects both you and your allies, but I feel like the effective range at which it works requires your allies to be closer than they need to be as nearby allies need to be near as close to the enemies as you are which can be unsafe and at times impractical.[/spoiler] Middle tree sentinel: [spoiler][quote]1. Slightly decrease the cooldown that grants ability energy and health when exploding the detonators (slightly decrease energy and health granted in pve only).[/quote] The detonators on middle tree sentinel are very good for clearing ads and supporting your group as a whole, however, the cooldown from when you get energy to when you get energy again can lead to wave after wave of enemies dead with only 1 or 2 procs of it going off. As strong as it is, there should definitely be a cooldown, but I feel like a small reduction to allow for more uptime of detonators (at the cost of bonuses granted per activation) could go a long way for the skill tree as a whole much like it did for well of radiance. [quote]2. Increase the extra duration granted from allies being protected by bannershield when guarding up to 2 players (grant a lower amount of bonus duration with 3 or more to equal the same maximum amount).[/quote] Most 6 man teams will rarely, if ever, need bannershield to act as a defensive and offensive buff due to the safety that a larger number of players can grant (more revives, bubbles, wells etc) and so I want to make this ability more useful for 3 man fire teams so that the sentinel can have a longer time to defend their smaller group from harm while giving your allies a longer period to safely deal damage.[/spoiler] Bottom tree sentinel: [spoiler][quote]1. Add a "in the trenches x#" per enemy when surrounded.[/quote] This perk grants bonus super energy per enemy that surrounds the sentinel when you get a kill but it doesn't let you know when you are specifically surrounded or how many there are so efficiently using this perk can be annoying sometimes. This is mostly just to notify the user when this perk is active and to give the titan a tiny bit more strategy in choosing their engagements to maximize the energy output (although eyeballing it still works). This ties into my next suggestion. [quote]2. Grant bonus melee energy per target killed when surrounded.[/quote] How it will work: Kill 1 enemy when only 1 enemy is near you=5% Kill 1 enemy when 2 enemies are around you=7% Kill 1 enemy when 3 enemies are around you=10% Kill 1 enemy when 4 or more up to a max of 25% (scaling upwards, not saying 4 enemies means 25% per kill, just don't want to type it all out). What this does is, is that it gives bottom tree sentinel a more proper ability focused neutral game based around only supporting yourself while allowing for a greater uptime of the charged melee so that the titan can more consistently charge head first into battle with an advantage. This extra bonus won't do very much in crucible but anything to shorten the cooldown on shield bash is useful, especially since the whole point of the skill tree is to be...aggressive[/spoiler]



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