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FinxOmallyにより編集済み: 4/14/2020 2:29:56 PM

Drip Fed content Vs Waves of content, first impressions count

*This is not about Trials, or networking bugs, this is just about PvE content roll out* Hey all, Wanted to see if others feel the same way as I, and a large amount of the players I play with. That the content roll out seems to be a common bug bare of most people. Personally I've found myself with this season feeling like it's really dragging, far more then any other.. 2 weeks between each new chapter of the bunkers has really felt long, as the new PvE content this season hasn't had what last season did, with the overarching events like the dawning to help it. Also the PvE content has seemed a little lack luster, the bounty grind we all know, but we were all kind of hoping for an Escalation Protocol 'Earth/Moon/IO style' with waves and slightly different mechanics on each wave and unique weapons from a final boss.. (Or was that just me, was hoping for a reprise of the ikelos weapons like what was done with the Perfect Paradox) Season pass system, I get it.. It's something there for everyone to work through from the get go, which we all get our teeth into. But after, what's next? 2 week intervals seems way to larger gaps between steps. Personally no Revelry, which we had last year, it's absence is really obvious here. Cool glows on the Vernal Growth armor and Reveler’s Tonic was a great addition, a good looking change up to the look and feel of the tower and events. Something fun for us to do. On top of the Seraph Towers, would've been a great addition to the road map. Also why was the Escalation Protocol not copied for the Seraph Towers? Escalating waves, modified Heroic public events included. Big boss at the end of however many rounds. (Could be an Overload Kell boss or reskinned Bracus Zahn Barrier Champ) with Unique drops.. Maybe the SAW or prior mentioned reworked ikelos weapons (Sniper on earth, SMG on the moon, Shotgun on IO). Just a couple ideas, for examples.. Back to the point, pacing of this season has hurt.. If there is not a huge amount of content this season, fine.. but stretching it this thin has been pretty detrimental to us all, causing us to not feel as engaged and frustrated. A method that would be more preferable, in my opinion, is to front and rear load the season. Quitting this every 2 week slog. Just roll out the bunkers, 1 per week. Giving us the mods quicker this way for us to really experiment as is a new mechanic that has taken us way to long to see it's potential. Iron banner week 4. Exotic quest week 5. Then down time/grind time for rolls of weapons we want, for a few weeks. Giving the player base less burnout, then rolling out the Guardian Games and we all come back for that. Then the last 2-3 weeks the hand over phase of the season with the build to the next, bringing everyone back for a community style event would be great. So a TLDR.. splitting all the season content front and back loading with a gap in the middle. The gap in the middle will be some respite to avoid burnout and frustration, and catchup for people who didn't 'buy in' at the beginning of the season. This would create waves of content, end of the prior season carrying into the beginning of the next, dip in the middle for the same to happen again for the next season. A clear roadmap of 'beginning chapter' 'middle chapter' 'conclusion chapter' to each season. Resulting judgement of "This season is lacking" in the first 3 weeks is negated, as will not be a valid comment, as the first 5 will be packed. I'm normally blindly optimistic about judging something before I have the whole package, but everyone else is taking this season at face value of what we can see so far, and so far.. there's not much to look at. Let's hope for a mind blowing of a finish to the season, but even if there is. I doubt that many will just brush away the resentment for the beginning of the season, thinking it was not justified for such a long stretch of not much happening. First impressions count.



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