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AlieN_x_HuMaNにより編集済み: 4/8/2020 4:35:44 AM

The Problem With the Warmind Cells

First, let me say I really like this season's combination of mods and what you can do with them. To me, it does create interesting engagements and fits play styles. Looking forward to seeing more of this in evolution. I have 2 major issues with the mods 1. The cells seem to drop off of the last enemy you care about defeating. A horde of enemies kill all but the last with no cells..and then that last enemy drops the cell.... uhh.... And this is a consistant problem. Ive run the Legendary lost sectors a bunch and the cells seem to drop off the same enemies routinely which means they arent random, which means..they need tuning because most times they are pointless. Fun, but pointless. 2. This is a larger issue, but in this context.. They arent necessary. You can get through all the content very easily without seasonal mods. I understand why I think, but if youre making legendary Lost Sectors as aspirational content per season, why not make the mods necessary in some way?



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