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3/8/2020 6:35:08 PM

Sleeper Simulant's ricocheted shots do 1% of the weapon's precision damage

Tested on the ogre in the Tribute hall. A precision headshot dealt 33588 damage, while a single ricocheted part of the shot dealt 420 damage. The sleeper ricochets 5 shots after it hits a surface, meaning that the added damage in a perfect scenario is 2100. This is not even an increase of 10% to the weapon's damage (the added damage is roughly 6% in total.). To put into perspective, a single shot from Trackless Waste, a 900rpm smg, does 449 to the body and 603 to the head. I have seen the weapon used 2 times since Shadowkeep launched, once inside of PvP. The Exotic perk on the weapon is completely useless, considering all linear fusion rifles have shots that pierce their opponents. Sleeper has been completely forgotten about, and Bungie hasn't mentioned it once in the upcoming patch notes. If the weapon's signature perk is going to be this weak, Bungie might as well remove the refracting rounds. TL:DR; The Sleeper Simulant's exotic perk of ricocheting rounds does roughly 1% of the weapon's precision damage.



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