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2/21/2020 5:42:04 AM

Searching for an LGBTQ+ based clan to join - any suggestions?

Hi! My name is Kieran and me and my wife are looking for a specifically LBGTQ+ based clan to join. Specifically we would like one that is extremely transgender and nonbinary friendly, as that would mesh best with our needs! We're both pretty active, as we play the game as much as both of our schedules allow and generally are on every other night, if not every night. We're interested in casual play in general, but also would like to be able to meet other people in order to try out raids! Please do not bother to comment if it's something along the lines of "why would you care if a clan is LGBTQ+ centered?" etc. If you cannot understand how important solidarity and safe communities are to LGBTQ+ people, I'm not particularly interested in hearing about it. Thank you and have a nice day!



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