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Squirt Lagurskiにより編集済み: 2/18/2020 9:08:27 PM

STOP Taking Away Content

I am not sure why the Bungie team has embraced the concept "Fear of Missing out (FOMO)." I get that you want to entice people to play and keep your active players number up but FOMO is not the way to go. FOMO may be a good thing for full-time gamers but for everyday adults that have little kids and responsibilities it is a turn-off. A game that struggles to deliver new content should not be removing content after a season is over. Why would you remove Vex Offensive? Are you planning on removing Sundial and Obelisks as well? I have not been able to play this season and am furious that I am going to miss out on the content and enjoyment of playing something new in this game. PLEASE for the love of gaming do not remove seasonal content! **Why can't we have multiple artifacts? Why limit us to one type of element or playstyle? Give us more options for our loadout and allow us to customize our build for our activity. It seems ridiculous to try and put our builds into a box that fits your season artifact.



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