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2/13/2020 6:57:15 PM

Outcasts of Yor/20+/US&UK PS4 clan

Hello fellow guardians! Outcasts of Yor is recruiting. We are mostly focused on pve content, but we do enjoy a bit of pvp as well. We are a fairly new clan, so right now we are small but we are looking for members who want to play destiny from the basics to endgame activities. We are a group of very chill gamers who don’t take things too seriously! Mic isn’t a major requirement with us but we do ask that they are used in endgame activities such as raids etc. Whether you are new or experienced, if you are an active player who wants to play the game with clan mates, you are the type of player we are looking for! We do have a few rules: 1. Must have discord. This is our main mode of communication 2. Be 20+ 3. Be active. We understand that life happens, just let us know if something comes up. How to apply: Send a request to our clan page and one of our admins will get back to you ASAP!



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