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1/24/2020 3:52:53 AM

This is a lie. 古い投稿

A Swordsmith's challenge

[i]A triangle of fire appears in the square of Four Winds in Offtopic. The flames rise, then fall to reveal a tall, winged humanoid. She cocks her head, taking in her surroundings.[/i] “Heh, I haven’t been here in a while.” [i]She walks to the center of the square, then leaps on top of the fountain decorated with statues. Spreading her wings and glowing brighter to attract attention, she shouts her challenge.[/i] “I am Countess Pyre, daughter of the Eternal Flame. I challenge the best swordsmiths in Offtopic to make a weapon fit for royalty, with a prize for whoever’s sword claims victory.” [i]Pyre snaps her fingers, and a shimmering sphere of force fades into existence above her. Inside the 5m diameter globe floats a black and green ovoid made of shining metal, inorganic lights coursing through the shell. [/i] “Bring your finest work, and in one week I will return to inspect your skill. The winner’s blade will be accepted, the others returned to their respective makers. Recount the tale of your time spent crafting the blade, sparing no details on technique, material or enchantments. I want only the best for my daughter. Do not disappoint. Cheerio.” [i]The Countess of the Plane of Fire leapt daintily from the fountain, and vanished in a flash of flames. Her snowglobe-esque prize box remained, and the citizens kept their distance. [/i] [spoiler]If you want to participate, simply make a story post of you making the sword. Make sure to say what metal you used(material), how you made it(forging) and enchantments(kinda obvious here) you used. In a week-maybe less depending on the amount who enter idk-I'll read through the posts(make sure to use the tag for this) and select the winner. Their blade will be gifted to my daughter, and the sphere will open for them. One entry per person, but you can work together. Good luck, this is my first time trying this so let's see how this goes. [/spoiler]



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