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1/20/2020 6:48:01 PM

Puzzles that have no clues are simply bad puzzles.

So after all the hullabaloo regarding the corridors of time I happened to start doing the xenophage quest from shadowkeep. And similarities started to appears to me in bungies puzzle design. the are no clues whatsoever. No cleverness. nothing to deduce. No logic to rationalize. Which brought me to this conclusion. Bungie, a puzzle is shit if it has no thread to pull on. With no clue Its just a combination lock and you're asking us to try every permutation and brute force crack it. In the case of xenophage (which isn't even amazing and one could question if such puzzles are even warranted). The puzzles in the lost sectors are -blam!-ing rediculous. The user interface (shooting the runes) is -blam!-ing slow, and to make matters worse if you want to reset the puzzle YOU HAVE TO -blam!-ING LEAVE AND COME BACK IN!. who the -blam!- signed off on this as acceptable design? Personally I spent 3 hrs wandering the corridors of time on my own, excited to see if I could crack a puzzle on my own. Looking for clues, patterns, sounds, or placement of objects. Anything which I could use to deduce the puzzle solution. Only to go on Reddit it would be -blam!-ing impossible on my own. What a waste of time. I don't really want to have to resort to YouTube guides. But, Bungie leaves me no choice. P.S: Lumina. "Find a mysterious chest in the EDZ.". Cool story, Bungo. HOW ABOUT A CLUE TO START? I guess I'll go YouTube it...



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