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1/18/2020 3:41:35 PM

[Xb1] Looking for active players who raid to join Infinite Deep / SOTV

[b]Infinite Deep is a new division of Secrets of the Void.[/b] Our mission is to create a community where Guardians can easily fill a raid team with experienced players. Are you interested in raiding more? Want to do the latest raid on all characters every week? [i]Still[/i] don’t have Anarchy? Join Infinite Deep and help us assemble a dedicated group of raid teams. While Infinite Deep is just starting, Secrets of the Void has a full roster of players with active interest in every aspect of the game. With everyone connected in Discord, there are always people to play with. [b][u]Already have a raid team?[/b][/u] If you and your team are looking for a clan, we have room. [b][u]Basic Requirements[/b][/u] [b]*[/b] 18+ [b]*[/b] Active daily [b]* Must use Discord and join the Secrets of the Void server *[/b] [b]*[/b] 50 minimum total raid completions (at least 30 full clears). [b]*[/b] Central or Eastern time zones preferred [b]*[/b] Own Shadowkeep & working headset/mic [b]*[/b] Don’t be toxic [b][u]Interested?[/b][/u] Please answer a few simple questions, then send a request to join:



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