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1/9/2020 6:48:26 PM

[PC ONLY | NA | 18+] WinGuardian LeviOsa is Recruiting Active/Social Players | Casual | Small Clan | Discord | Helpful | Friendly

Hi all~ We are currently recruiting members who are willing to be active and social within our community, both in-game and on Discord. If you're looking for a place to hang out, chat and play with other Destiny 2 fans like yourself, WinGuardian LeviOsa is for you! We strive to be a clan that focuses in quality over quantity. At WinGuardian LeviOsa you're not just another number, you're part of a community! Our clan is less focused on the more hardcore aspects of clanship and more focused on being a smaller community of friendly folks looking to have a good time playing Destiny 2. On top of teaming up and playing together, we do scheduled Gambit events, Crucible events, and Raids for folks to join in on weekly. We also like to help with anything else our clanmates are in need of. This includes, but is not limited to: exotic quests, help with leveling, Nightfalls, etc. We also just like to talk and mess around in Discord. [u][b]REQUIREMENTS: [/b][/u] -Must have Forsaken/Shadowkeep expansions -Must be 18+ years old -Must be willing to be active in the clan, no moochers please! -This is a PC/Steam only clan, so you will have to have a PC/Steam account to be accepted. [u][b]HOW TO JOIN:[/b][/u] #1 Upvote this post! #2 Message me (Baba Yaga) here on Bungie for a Discord invite. [b][PS: This is REQUIRED][/b] #3 [url=]Apply to the clan[/url]! [b]!! The process for applying is super simple but something that folks have trouble with so here's the run down:[/b] -- Once you message me I'll send you a Discord invite. Once in our Discord server you will be given limited permissions until you register with our bot and some other simple stuff. After that, we will give you full permissions and add you into the clan proper. See you out there, Guardians! ~



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