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[PS4] Looking for a friendly clan that’s chill and does a little bit of everything? We’ve got your back. :)

[quote]”Always onward towards better things.”[/quote] A clan of friends, ready to make new friends and play our favorite game together... We do PvP, PvE, you name it! We—the admins—have been playing since the release of D1. We welcome friendly, casual players who won’t ragequit and flip out (constantly — obviously losing sucks, we get it)... [i]mainly[/i], be nice, respectful, laid-back and have fun! If you want help with anything, ask any of our admins, or me, leighnotlevi (founder). Each of us are experienced in different areas which gives us a nice, well-rounded approach. [b][u]We simply require access to the Destiny companion app[/u][/b]. No mic is required to be a part of our clan! (Just be sure that, when necessary, you have a way to communicate with us lol). We (as admins) speak English (USA) and are all in our 20s, but this doesn’t mean you have to be our age. Try to be mature though, of course... we do like memes and to mess around and emote ;P Please, feel free to ask any questions! [b][i][u]Prior to joining, be sure to read the clan page below[/u][/i][/b]. []



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