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Destiny 2

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1/6/2020 1:01:28 PM

Not gonna lie getting awfully tired of the random physics kills

Usually it doesnt bother me all that much when something weird happens and you go rocketing across the entire planet and die because it only occasionally happens. But then we get a cabal dlc and it just becomes so common which turns it from "hahaha wtf?" To "ah yes. Shield slapped into warpspeed yet again, i love this..." Not particularly looking for a solution to this problem seeing as though i could always equip a scout rifle and go sit on the outskirts of narnia and play duck hunt to avoid this situation entirely but i just felt like venting a bit. The real question i pose is, why do the cabal even use guns/swords? Their phalanx shields are infinitely more effective, not only do they kill a guardian in 1 shot but they slowly drain their light until they finally die for the final time and go play another game.



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