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1/3/2020 1:38:58 AM

Transmat Effect Gone

Howdy (TLDR/ Transmat Effect, bought from season store, can't buy again but don't have it anymore due to replacement on ship. What do I do???) I can't show a picture but I'm sure a few if you know what I'm talking about. You get a new ship, you want to move your Transmat Effect and/or shader from your old ship to the new one. But the moment you take it off, it's gone. No traces, nothing to say it existed ever. You know, except the hours of play you went through to get it, hard grinding. Or maybe you got it in season but it's not that season any more. I bought a Christmas Transmat Effect, (Shower of Gifts) and had it on my ship. I wanted to take it off so I could put it on another, and now it's deleted. Gone. I tried to go buy a new one out of the store, but nay, I've already bought it and it won't let me get it again. What do I do? I want my Transmat Effect back, it was so cool. But I can't buy it again...



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