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kollin4により編集済み: 12/25/2019 9:45:25 AM

Righteous Greaves forced color

For anybody unaware the “Righteous Greaves” for titans (seasonal armor) have a section that is permanently colored blue. What concerns me is the inconsistency with other pieces of armor and makes me wonder if it was intentional. The arms have the same material in the same base color, but when you apply a shader they change. The only piece that won’t is the greaves and it’s a bit frustrating for designing a consistent look, this applies to the season’s universal ornament as well. If this is intentional, why? I get having an underlay on the armor be a defined color but having it change on all pieces but one looks bizarre. Side Note: despite this complaint I love the new season so far Bungie, keep up the great work, I know you all do your best for us.



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