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12/22/2019 7:18:24 PM

Sanctuary: A private discord community seeking recruitment for destiny 2!

Sanctuary is a private and exclusive discord community. We exist to create a community where like-minded individuals with similar interests in gaming and anime come together to create friendship and family. You may ask why we have an application process. The server is meant to be private. We are not aiming to create a random population, but rather trying to find people who are dedicated and willing to make it a purpose to reach out and find what they're looking for in friendship. Joining a server or community can be stressful and difficult, we know this. Don't be scared of the process. Sanctuary is meant to be a place of purpose and comfort. At the moment we are playing Destiny 2. Obviously we're not limited Destiny, but we are focusing on it. The majority of us like fps, rpgs, and mmo's. We're not far off from your typical gaming community. Just like any other weeb-like community, we love anime as well. We're small and we're obviously going start out that way, but we're growing. My hope for this is to find quality friends. If your interested, please consider the following traits of our community: 1: A comfortable place to be yourself without censorship. 2: Find friends to play with on a regular basis. 3: Play without a mic for the shy, anxious, or socially timid. 4: Having a place to share your meme's, talents, and personality. 4: Complete in game task such as, bounties, quest, dungeons, and raids. 5: Having a place to just be a casual gamer. If all these traits align with your desire to seek a real community, please follow the link and apply. We look forward to seeing you!



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