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12/22/2019 6:19:03 PM

Unable to use old armour ornaments

Why is it that you get rid of something that was actually nice? I don't care if you saw it as a bug. It was a harmless bug. For anyone who did not know, you were able to reacquire old ornaments such as old Iron Banner season armour and then you could apply it to any 2.0 armour . This did not work for faction ornaments unfortunately but at least Iron Banner had some nice looking ornaments. If you had 2.0 Iron Banner armour (Undying Iron Banner armour) you could apply it to that without reacquiring old ornaments from collections. Here is what my Undying Warlock looked like . Now some of that would be allowed because it was Iron Banner armour but some of it was not. So if you don't wear the full armour set now, it would like kind of goofy. What happened to the Bungie that wanted to give freedom to the players on what they wanted to wear without feeling restricted? Oh yeah that's right! Just buy some silver and get eververse armour. Duh. It's disgusting watching them walk on their own two feet and do stuff like this. I don't expect better treatment than anyone else but I did buy your Year 1 expansions and played them at the time. I would grind out Sagira's Shell, I would grind out faction armours and ornaments AND I would grind out some Iron Banner ornaments that I thought looked nice. Why can't a veteran like myself and hopefully others that may have this concern be shown some appreciation by you guys to at least be allowed to wear the ornaments we worked hard for and can no longer get? I also want people to understand that I too believe that there are a lot of other issues in this game but this one took the cake as I found it out today when I wanted to apply IB ornaments to the Season Pass Armour because it does not look good to me this is what the current armour looks like. I don't want that and I don't like the other ones that I have as options for my Warlock. To conclude, why fix a harmless bug? Please explain. Thanks for anyone who got through all this. I know it can sound petty but understand it from my view if you can. A person who was playing this game through thick and thin. Thanks to anyone who read this.



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