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Looking for a friendly clan? Join Outcasts of Angelic [XB1/NA & EU] !

About us: Clan Page: [url][/url] Discord Server: Given upon approval to clan We are a small Xbox One clan comprised of casual players, with jobs, families, and other varying outside responsibilities so we understand life can get in the way sometimes. We hope to do all activities (gambit, crucible, raids, nightfall, etc) together and have a great time! We also play other games together such as APEX, Halo, Borderlands, and Minecraft together! We're looking for active members +18 on Xbox One. All skill levels are welcome! Heres our rules: -Be respectful -Join the discord -Be willing to communicate and work well with each other -Contribute -Have fun [b]If you are +18 and want to join our clan comment below or shoot me or our other admin [u]Blazin xPirat3x[/u] a message! We look forward to hearing from you all![/b]



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