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12/16/2019 6:36:45 AM

FUdgeNation is looking for new people to join us!

Calling all clanless Guardians . . . - Do you enjoy fighting the forces of darkness across the galaxy? - Are you super chill?? - But are you sad and alone, entering PVP or PVE activities without a reliable, close-knit team to watch your back (or relentlessly t-bag/emote on your ghost before res-ing you)??? If you answered “yes” to these questions (especially the last one), THEN HAVE I GOT A CLAN FOR YOU! FUdgeNation – emphasis on the FUN! – is a clan of smart, cooky, Destiny-lovers looking to pad their roster with new, like-minded players! We tackle all that the in-game universe has to offer: from Crucible to raids to seasonal events and challenges. Players from all gaming backgrounds and skill levels are welcome! We have clan members playing on both PC and PS4 (though primarily the latter). Those only looking to join a clan for perks or carries, however, need not apply. You have to be an active player, fam. Sound too good to be true? Guess again, friend! Looking to join up?? Here’s how! 1. Be over 18 with a good sense of humor and a tolerant personality. 2. Reply to this message. Preferably with a witty anecdote, though this is not required for clan admission. 3. Join a party chat or discord chat with the clan administrators (us) so we can meet you and see how you vibe with the group. You need not be “Unbroken” or a Bane of Riven to hang with us. 4. The admins will then talk about you behind your back to decide your fate and then let you know! Pretty simple, right? Just don’t be a dick. Dicks also need not apply. You’re free to have a dick if you do, just don’t act like one. Things like hate-speech will not be tolerated. And that’s not just during the initial admin chat, that’s all the time. So if you’re tired of stepping into a war with the Cabal on Mars alone, Or not looking forward to facing the haunted Moon or the wizards that come from it without back-up, Then look no further. We’ve got your back, Guardian! FUdgeNation looks forward to hearing from you!



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