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12/11/2019 3:55:03 AM

Undying Title Help (Need input from actual Bungie Support Staff)

Hi, so, due to circumstances beyond my control such as being busy for the duration of the season, my grind for the Undying title was left to just 1 week. I have completed all triumphs, and the only area left for me to finish was the quest for Randy's Throwing Knife, which would have let me finish the Season of the Undying collections Badge and claim the last Triumph needed to finish the seal. I would have been able to finish the quest yesterday, however my internet dropped out for the entirety of the day and I was plagued with constant connection issues up until around 12am EDT. When I was able to play again, I was almost about to finish the necessary mission to complete the triumph. I had: 100% Scout Rifle Kills 2070/2100 Glory and around 65% Medals/Eliminations completed. This was the only thing left to complete for the title. If it were not for Internet connectivity complications, I would have completed this on time. I'm making this post here as a sincere plight to the Bungie Team in hopes that I could be shown some form of kindness in allowing to recieve the title. I was so close and put in a lot of work in order to recieve it, but circumstances beyond my control prevented my ability to complete it on time. I can provide account details and screenshots of my progress as proof if needed, and as a long time player and supporter of the destiny franchise would be beyond appreciative of some kindness here. Thankyou for your time.



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