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Akinori Miyakeにより編集済み: 12/10/2019 1:16:18 PM

Stop Removing Content Related to Obtaining Triumoh’s or Seals!

I am strongly against this new means of removing Triumph’s and/or Seals after a season completes. Some people are limited on their time for game play and would love to obtain specific things in game. By removing said content once a Season completes you are disheartening those who grind so hard, in what little time they do play, to achieve these Triumphs and Seals etc. I understand the direction that Bungie is trying to go with it. However some of us get so close and then it’s too late and we lose out anyway. Which only further hurts us as players as we now feel like we’ve wasted all that time grinding in the first place. Just push focus into the new seasonal content each season or expansion. However keep old content for those who play through, and grind heavily to obtain this. In particular I would appreciate that the Season Of Undying Triumphs & Seals remain obtainable as I’ve grinded extremely hard for this. And this goes without saying for any further content and/or seasons. Thanks in advance! A HUGE fan of Destiny



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