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Lord Magrisにより編集済み: 12/6/2019 8:12:31 AM

SURVIVAL LIFE BUG, Unfair Advantage in Competitive Mode

Okay, I don't have a place to upload a clip that I just recorded yet, but I just witnessed something completely absurd in Survival. This needs fixed. Badly. I play on Xbox One. Keep that in mind. So we're at Widow's Court, one of my recent matches as of this post. I don't know if it shows up in the stats of that match or not but here's what happened. The enemy team had 1 spare life left, as in it said "1 Lives" for the enemy team. I melee an enemy and he dies. At the same time, one of my teammates used a shotgun and killed another enemy. So my kill should've put their lives at 0 and my teammate should've knocked someone out by order of how it appeared in the feed. BOTH OF THE ENEMIES RESPAWN. Their ENTIRE TEAM is still alive. That is not right. That is completely unfair. This needs addressed as it was probably the reason we lost that round. The matchmaking for that match was bad enough as it was. I don't need the game cheating me out of matches in my least favorite gamemode on top of it all. EDIT: If Elimination replaces Survival as the competitive mode, I think I'd enjoy it more. Though, I'm concerned about the Luna's Howl quest and how much time it will take to progress through that in Elimination, if that's the plan.



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