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wes0103により編集済み: 12/3/2019 4:43:40 PM

More Subclasses need Neutral Game Synergy

So we have some subclasses that have awesome neutral game synergy. Bottom tree striker has this awesome cadence of melee kill, gun kill, repeat that heals you, reloads your weapon, and increases your damage. That's awesome and sees a lot of benefit from a lot of exotics. Top tree arcstrider has awesome damage potential with it's melee and dodge rotation, allowing for some awesome one-two-punch shenanigans. Devour Warlock is actually really fun to play as well. Constant health regen and activation of Devour. Super is underwhelming, but that's a different discussion. Then we see classes like top tree tether, bottom tree gunslinger, attunement of flame, and many more subclasses that just don't do that. Take top tree tether as an example. The abilities have zero synergy with one another. What if everything about top tree Tether stayed the same, but with these additions: Vanishing step now charges your grenade when you dodge while surrounded (3 or more enemies). Keeps its invisibility function. Snare bomb keeps it's current function, but it also makes your grenades weaken and disorient enemies as well. Killing enemies damaged by your grenade charges your super. Keen scout keeps its current function, but it also allows for significantly faster reloads while invisible. Sprinting while invisible charges your dodge ability. Like, think about that. That combination would make such a fun cadence of trap with grenade/smoke, debuff, kill, repeat and would 100% not be OP in PvP as long as a player couldn't be invisible all the time. That would be absolutely awesome and would really fit the Trapper fantasy, as Bungie likes to say. I'd like see ALL subclasses have great synergy. That goes for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Thanks for reading and upvote if you agree.



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