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[PC] NA - II Divine Wisteria II Clan Recruiting I Discord I Active I Meet New People I

——————————————————— Who are we? ——————————————————— We're a new small clan that's active and looking for new players and old players alike. We like to do PVE and PVP activities. As well as help each other whenever we can. We also have a discord members are more than welcome to join if they'd like, all members use the text chat a lot as well as voice chat. ——————————————————— How can you join? ——————————————————— 1) We're currently an open clan! So all you have to do is visit our [url=]Clan Page[/url] and wait for approval! 2). You can also join The [url=]Discord[/url] (Joining the discord will allow for you to communicate and play with other members of the clan more easily. This is not required, but recommended.)



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