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12/4/2019 7:01:33 PM

About that seasonal mod slot.....

It's not like I saw that coming.... but now that I watched the bungie stream, it bothers me even more.... every season a new seasonal mod slot means, that all the armor I grinded and optimized and maybe masterworked, is obsolete in the new season… and to use the old mods, say I wanna do a garden in Season 9, I have to keep the old armor… so, Bungie, where shall this end? Having a whole armor set for each Season??? Can you please make the last slot a universal-special slot, where all the seasonal/specialized (Hive, Fallen, Dreaming City, Vex, Dawn, etc.) can be put in? Otherwise it will be annoyoing and frustrating like hell..... and btw: let us safe loadouts….. it is about time....



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