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12/1/2019 8:32:05 PM

Suspended from Survival? Never Quit a Single Match?!

I never quit a single survival match. Today there were server issues while I was trying to LOAD a game, but I never even got matched with 6 people in orbit before getting kicked back to orbit. I never set foot on a planet...I got suspended because Destinys servers were overloaded. I have been bringing my ass off for the Recluse AND Mountaintop. Finished all of the Triumphs and only need to get my Glory rank to Fabled, which has proven to be a horrific nightmare. Not a fun grind AT ALL because Survival is the slowest, most boring Crucible activity. Plus the fact that 50% of the time people quit on my so I am perpetually fighting 2 on 3 against teams who are communicating. This makes me want to stop playing Destiny forever. If Bungie cant find a second way for players to earn Glory rank than the booooring Survival playlist then I am done with Destiny for good. I was going to spend the day grinding Survival in Hope's to unlock the Recluse and Mountaintop, but now I am locked out of the game....and I never quit a single match....lame AF.



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