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[Xbox Clan] THICC Pillar Order! Tired of LFG? Here to help (Adults Preferred)

Me and several other members in the clan are looking for consistent, active gamers! Wanna Raid? Name it, we got you. Wanna farm nightfalls? That’s cake. Need your pinnacles done for the week? So do I! Tired of LFG? I damn sure am and that’s why I need you! We can turn blueberries into studs. Believe that. Me and several others will help you acquire all the exotics and legendary treasures there is to provide and of course knowledge. And you solid hardcore gamers out there, if you already have all these nice things, would it be great if you didn’t have to rely on LFG no more?! Guaranteed to get things done? Join the damn clan man.. what are you waiting for, let’s eat!



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