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11/30/2019 9:13:47 AM

Sharing screenshots of running processes

Original post: I read someone's reply in another thread that coming clean with what processes you have running in the background may help with my ban so here. If I was banned because of a background process injecting code into the game, I made a folder with screenshots of all my processes in Task Manager to show that I have nothing to hide. I also included a screenshot of my desktop. Did I have any other processes than the ones listed? - Yes, my anti virus was scanning in the background and blocking/deleting some processes and files. If the background program that got me banned isn't here, it's been deleted by my anti virus. Did I have any trainers that I wanna come clean about? - Yes, I had one trainer on my drive. It was for Need for Speed Rivals. It was deleted by my AV as soon as I extracted it from its zip file, however, and I did not have Destiny 2 running at that time. Any suggestions before I leave Destiny and Bungie behind? - Yes, quite a few. If having any kind of code injecting software running the first time doesn't get me banned, I should get a warning. Through either game notification or email. The only way for me to even know I'm banned is to run Destiny 2 and see the message, and going to Cross Save and unlinking my characters which is where it says that my default characters (on PS4) are suspended. There is nothing explicitly letting me know that I'm banned other than the game itself and the cross save screen. And Bungie so firmly believes the ban is fair that they have no way for me to respond in case it isn't. If I just got a reason as to [i]why[/i] this happened, and if there's anything I can do to make amends, I would not be so frustrated at them. There was no temporary suspension - it was directly an account ban with no warning or reason given. Bungie's Terms and Conditions say that this is fair, and players cannot raise any queries for their bans. To me, this is scummy at best. And to anyone that wants to call this fair because "I must have done something." - I spent a total of $100 on Destiny in 2019. I had pre-ordered Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe (Shadowkeep + 4 seasons) for $60. I had no reason to risk myself getting banned. There are still 3 seasons to go on my purchase. And lastly, I want to say that if this ban ends up getting lifted, I will not play Destiny on PC again. I will only play it on PS4, where there is little to no risk of this happening.



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